• Lets talk about Iron

    An outstanding amount of women suffer from low Iron. This is because women are more prone to Iron deficiency due to the heavy blood loss during menstruation. Each day, I come in to contact with friends,family and colleagues that don't understand what's causing their anemia (Iron deficiency) nor what natural tools they can apply to bring their body back into balance.  Iron deficiency is also the most susceptible deficiency, when you are deficient of Iron you become susceptible to a host of diseases. This is why maintaining the proper Iron levels in your body are so important!

    While there are many Iron-rich foods, there are also many other influencing factors to consider. Many things may be inhibiting your ability to absorb Iron and other nutrients. Also, many people that are Iron deficient resort to pharmaceutical versions of Iron/supplements which are unnatural. Those are sources that our bodies will not recognize, will not absorb and will not utilize. When you take pharmaceutical Iron/supplements, they stay in the blood stream there for your iron levels will ‘seem’ high when you get tested. However, in reality the body “Does not recognize it, absorb it nor utilize it” - Quoted from Dr. Bobby Price – Holistic health probationer.

    What can be causing low Iron?

    Iron is an essential mineral needed to make hemoglobin which transports oxygen in red blood cells from the lungs to the rest of the body. Iron also plays a vital role in the immediate immune system response to fight off bacteria in our bodies before it gets to a severe stage. Did you know Iron is also electric!? The same way iron outside of the body would conduct electricity, iron inside of the body does as well. This is why some call iron the “Spark plug” to the body and the reason low Iron can make us feel tired, weak and experience shortness of breath. This is why eating electric foods aka alkaline foods are important. My next blog post will dive deep into alkaline foods for the body.

    In order to optimize the iron in our bodies we have to consume more plant-based forms of Iron (Iron-phosphate). Such as leafy greens like kale, spinach and Swiss-chard. Other foods including dates, raisins, sesame seeds, lentils, black beans, avocado and beets, just to name a few. The herb with the most powerful content of Iron is Sarsaparilla. Other Iron rich herbs include Dandelion root, Burdock and Yellow-dock. It is also important to consume a high amount of Vitamin-C rich foods for the absorption of Iron. Having gut issues can also prevent Iron absorption. See my previous blog post entitled “The essential parasite cleanse” for cleaning out the gut. Lastly, eating a lot of empty calories such as processed and junk foods, refined grains, synthetic ingredients, sodas and anything with excess sugar can contribute to Iron deficiency.

    Unfortunately today, the majority of conventional plants eaten are deficient in Iron because the soil is deficient. As a result, Iron is chemically added (fortified) to many of our foods. This type of Iron also isn’t recognized by the body. This is why it is important to consume herbs and organic plant-based foods. The best way to ensure your plants are organic are to grow them yourself or find a trusted local farmer!

    I hope you find this helpful and remember “It is oxygen that heals, nothing else but oxygen.” – Dr. Sebi and without Iron we cannot have proper oxygen flow!

  • The transition

    If you read my first blog post entitled “Meet the influencer” you would have learned what triggered my initial change into a plant based lifestyle. This post is to understand exactly how I made that change and inspire those who wish to do the same.  My previous post also mentioned that I am not here to dictate how one should eat. I am here to help you understand your body and become the best version of yourselves. Life is all about balance, and incorporating more natural foods into your diet is one of the best decisions you can make! Here’s how…


    A plant based diet is the only diet that has been shown to reverse some of the most chronic diseases such as early stages of cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. This lifestyle is appropriate for all stages of the life, including pregnancy, infants, childhood, adolescence, elderly, and all athletes. My change into this lifestyle was gradual and slow. Going cold turkey from day one is never a good idea. When I returned to Bermuda from Costa Rica after my “Meat experience” I decided to eliminate red meat first. It took me an entire year to extract it from my diet. I started by eating it only once a week, then only a few times a month. I eventually reached the point where I would eat it once every few months until I completey stopped. 


    Once I eliminated red meat, I was ready to tackle white meat. This too, also took me an entire year. I followed the same procedure while paying close attention to my body. I started to feel extra sluggish, tired, drained and had severe brain fog. At first I didn’t understand why, I thought I was doing the right thing for my body. However, I was eating a lot of soy based meat alternatives and carbohydrates with limited plant based food. 


    I was in the midst of traveling and ended up in Ecuador on a surfing trip for 2 weeks. I was a part of a surf camp that provides majority plant based foods. Every day I ate tropical fruits, smoothies, and veggie filled dinners. I instantly noticed a huge change in my body , my energy was back and brain fog was gone. At that point I realized the obvious, my body felt drained because it was adjusting to the new change and I wasn’t replenishing it with the nutrients it needed. 


    I knew I needed to eat more fruits and vegetables but I was hooked on comfort foods. It is one thing to have knowledge, and another to apply it.  Sometimes we just need that extra push towards the right direction. Since I’ve eaten mainly plant based foods I have been full of energy, my skin became clearer (I used to suffer from severe acne) , I feel smarter and every day feels like a natural high. Everything we need comes from the earth with plants being our medicine, and our protein. Yes, I said protein for those who wonder “Where do you get your protein from!?” The simplest explanation goes as follows. The animals we eat, eat plants to get protein, then humans eat animals to get protein after it has been digested and broken down. I always wondered why should we get protein from the secondary source (Animals) when we can get it from the primary source (Plants) ? This way we can intake all of the benefits. A head of broccoli has more protein than a slab of steak and 1 cup of black beans have more protein than a drumstick, to say the least. 


    If you reach the point of giving up meat completely, a cleanse is extremely important and helpful for the transition. I highly recommend a parasite cleanse as it helps to reduce cravings. Read my next blog entitled “The essential parasite cleanse” for the gross truth about these pest. 


    Lastly, have fun and get creative with recipes. Connect with like minded people, even if its via social media. Read books and watch documentaries to keep the momentum going. If you aren’t skilled in the kitchen or don’t have much time in your day to day life, there are hundreds of quick and easy recipes for you to try. I will be sharing as many of my recipes as I can, both intricate and simple. Keep in mind that any transition takes time. Much of this is about trial and error, finding out what works for you and what doesn't. So be gentle with yourself as you find your rhythm to incorporate more plant based foods.