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    Growing up in a meat lovers family, I never understood how someone could NOT eat meat. In fact, I loved meat so much I would eat 1/2 a pack of bacon as a mere snack. In 2011, I joined an expedition in Costa Rica and Nicaragua where I lived with a host family. Once a month their village would kill a cow and share it with all of the families nearby. The cow had been naturally raised from birth, bathed, fed organically, adored  by children and genuinely loved by all. Now, meat doesn't get any fresher than this! The hamburger was prepared almost exactly how I would prepare it myself back at home. However, when I took my first bite, I absolutely hated the taste. It had tasted nothing like what I was used to. Then I started to think , if I don’t like meat in its most natural form, then what I am eating back at home? What is it injected with? What are they feeding it?


    That experience alone triggered extensive research. The more I learned, the more I was turned off by meat. It wasn’t just the fact that animals today are being tortured in slaughter houses, injected with chemicals to look thick and juicy, or have their arms and legs ripped off piece by piece. It wasn't just because they are jammed packed in a cage like sardines with no room to stretch a muscle for months, even years. It was the fact that this torture and pain, builds a huge amount of negative energy that remains in that same animal after it is slaughtered, cooked and presented on your plate.


    This unconsciously causes so many of us to suffer from depression, anxiety and behavioral issues. We are then told to lean toward pharmaceuticals for help (an unhealthy bandaid). Pharmaceuticals block our biochemistry to reduce symptoms and plants restore our biochemistry to create health. Everything we need for a vibrant, healthy and energetic life comes from mother nature. If you eat living foods such as fruits, vegetables and herbs you will naturally feel alive. If you eat dead foods such as meat , dairy and processed foods you will naturally, feel dead. 


    It took me a very long time to give up dairy and fish. Although I hadn’t eaten meat for years , dairy and fish were still present in my diet on occasion. I also had a love for unhealthy carbohydrates. I thought it was hard, nearly impossible to give up these items when you live on a beautiful island surrounded by fresh local fish and especially when your favorite food is macaroni. I had to train my mind to realize nothing is hard or impossible by simply understanding that I have control over all of my thoughts. I started replacing the thought “This is hard” with “This is easy”  until it literally became easy. 


    Very Rare Vegan is not here to tell you what or how to eat. I am here to make you aware of the positive effects a plant based diet has on your body and the earth. I am here to show you how to listen and understand your body, eat according to what your body is telling you and how your body feels. Life is about balance, and no matter how you eat, it is important to incorporate as many plant based foods into your diet as possible.


    So welcome, I hope you find what you never knew you were looking for :) .